Where Can You Find the Best Deals on a Used Boat

BoatsNow you may be thinking that you are in the market for a new boat, why consider buying a boat someone has used and abused. Unlike a car, some people buy boats on impulse, and then by the time they realize the real financial commitment, they want out. Many of these boat owners have taken the boat out one time and logged a few dozen hours on the motor before they want to sell. There are more of these particular situations than you might realize.

Boatmo.com tells us why you should be looking for a used boats because the deals are plenty to be had.

Start your search for a slightly used boat online at Facebook. There are a ton of local boating groups, all you have to do is keep an eye out and pay close attention to what is being said. There could be a situation where a couple is divorcing, someone has died, or a family is relocating, and the one thing they want to do is sell their boat as quickly as possible. This is how you can score a sweet deal with a motivated seller who also has their online reputation to maintain too.

Take a look at Craigslist and see if anyone is selling their boat within a 100 miles of your home. If they are willing to throw in the trailer in the price and you get them to come down, it could be worth the drive that far to score a slightly used boat. Like we said earlier, there could be a number of scenarios that play out for someone to have to sell a boat that they just boat, so be sure to keep your eyes open and have your negotiating cap on.

The local classified in your newspaper is another place to find great deals on used boats. If the seller is close enough and they simply want out of the deal, they don’t want to keep paying for that ad in the paper. If you get there and they are really having a tough time selling, you could be in the best position to try and negotiate a package deal. Perhaps the boat owner purchased a trailer, fishing gear, upgrades to the engine, safety equipment, and toys like rafts or water skis.

Now you should be turned on to the idea that you can score a slightly used boat and save a massive amount of cash when you make the buy.