Website Says – Beware of These Things Before Hiring a HVAC Company

HVAC repair Summerville SCDon’t make the mistake of hiring just any HVAC repair company when you need work done to your heating and cooling system in the house. If you are not working with the right company, it could cost you more than the repair when you have to get new parts installed by another company to make up for the shoddy work that was done.

Here are some things, from Barrus Heating and Air, to beware of before hiring any air conditioning repair Summerville SC or any company anywhere.

1. Too Good a Deal – If the price for a new HVAC system or repair seems too good to be true, chances are it is. While there may be plenty of rebates and coupons out there to help lessen the cost, when the deal is incredibly low, beware. Many HVAC repair company’s that do not carry insurance or who are not registered can get away working cheaper because they don’t have to back up their work if they make a mistake. These repair technicians do the work, leave the house a mess, and the repair is usually not long-lived.

2. Take Their Word for It – If you are shopping around and get a quote from a HVAC repair company that seems too good to be true, ask to get it all in writing. If they simply reply that they are good for it, or that you have their word that they will honor the price, simply refuse and look elsewhere. The only protection you have in these cases is the written estimate. Without that piece of paper you are simply risking everything on the word of a technician that may not honor their work in the future.

3. Avoid the Yellow Pages – The Yellow Pages used to be the place to find contractors, but today you have other resources available. The problem with the Yellow Pages is anyone can create a name that begins with an A to get top placement, then run deals without having insurance or the correct license. Don’t trust just because they were in the Yellow Pages that they are reputable, because one of every five HVAC repair companies will fail this year.

4. Asking for Referrals – Don’t be afraid to ask the HVAC repair company you plan on hiring for a list of referrals. The best companies will gladly show off their work, while those who have something to hide will squirm and make excuses instead.

Beware of these things before your hire any HVAC repair company, it will ensure that the work is done quickly and efficiently in the end.