How to Increase Client Engagement on Your Website

Charleston SEOIncreasing client engagement on your website is essential for growing your bottom line. These organic visitors might not be ready to buy the products or services that you are selling today, but if you get them to hand around and interact with your content, they will return when they need to utilize those services. onQsites a Charleston SEO firm, gives us the following tips for improving client engagement that are easy to implement and will have a long-lasting positive impact on your business growth.

Since the home page is where over 80% of all organic traffic lands, it makes sense to make some effort here to clean things up. Start by moving the relevant content above the fold, and then the less urgent information towards the bottom. One of the biggest mistakes website owners make is assuming the customer can find contact information quickly and easily, so they bury it on the website somewhere. By placing all your contact information above the navigation bar, you let that customer know that there is the information in case they need it.

On pages where you have specific content, you have to find creative ways to get the client interested. Too many visitors are bored reading endless paragraphs when they need information, so you have to entertain them in order to engage them. Start with info-graphics. These are basically visual pictures that tell the story of that huge article in one picture. So for example, if you are talking about keyword research, you can have a tree with information from the roots to the branches showing the way to find the best keywords.

Another great way to engage the customer is by teasing them with just a snippet of vital information, then giving them a link to download a video that explains the information in more detail. All they have to do to download the information is simply enter their e-mail address, and you will sent it to them instantly. Not only did you engage the customer today, now you have their contact information that you can use to follow-up and get to know this customer a little better.

Now that you have a better understanding on which areas of the website you must focus your efforts, take your time and chunk things down so you are not getting overwhelmed at the process. The key is growing your customer base one at a time if need be, because as you slowly attract new customers, your website will be exposed to many more.