Properly Staging Your House in a Buyers Market

Part of the problem for a seller when it is a buyers market is that the potential buyers can wait out the homeowner for as long as it takes to get the right price. That means you could be dropping your price month after month as you chase a bottoming market. Premier one tells us that in order to close the house in as timely a manner as possible, these home staging tips provided by homes for sale Charleston SC professional realtors should do the trick.

Homes for Sale CharlestonIn order to get these buyers in the door, you have to get them emotionally connected with the property first. It doesn’t matter if the inside is immaculate, if the exterior is a mess, they will drive by time after time and never even give the house a second thought. Hire a local landscaping company to tear the property apart and give it new life. The team can trim wild bushes, clip out of control hedges, chop down dead trees, plant new flowers, and mulch those flower beds.

Next, continue working outside by hiring a power washing team that can transform the rest. These experts will give new life to the driveway, sidewalks, fence, siding, roof, and the patio area. Once the entire exterior has been power washed, the home will become irresistible to potential buyers and they will feel the inside must be as stunning as the outside, so don’t disappoint them.

Now you need to bring in the cleaning professionals to restore your carpet, upholstery, kitchen or bathroom tiles, windows, and area rugs. Not only will these areas look better, they will smell better as well. This is important when you are trying to get a buyer to feel a connection with your home.

In order for the buyer to easily imagine all their belongings in the house, you need to free up some space. Since moving day will be happening eventually, get a head start and begin packing up stuff in the closets, basement, and garage, so you widen these spaces. The more stuff that you can get to the storage unit and off the property, the bigger your home will appear to the potential buyers.

Take down personal items like family pictures, you want the buyers to imagine the house already theirs when they walk around.

Get working on these home staging tips so that the next time a potential buyer stops by, they get emotionally attached to the property and will not want to lose it to another potential buyer.